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A blog can be defined as Collection of postsshort, informal, sometimes controversial, and sometimes deeply personalwith the freshest information at the top.Meg Hourihan.

There are lots of reason why we have a blog some are below:

1. You will learn new things when you start your blog as you are going to share the knowledge you have. You will search about the content you want to write and share with visitor and with this exercise you will learn a lot.

2. Thinking clearly with generating ideas is the most difficult and critical aspect. Blogging will help you to increase your skills of thinking and generating ideas.

3. Blogging will help you to improve your writing skills. When you are going to read books, articles etc to collect the material for your blog you will definitely increase your vocabulary which will help you in writing an article.

4. It will increase your confidence as you are expressing your ideas to public without fear.

5. It will also help you in earning money. Bloggers can earn a lot from their blogs only if they have good and professional content in their blogs.

6. You can start a noble cause which helps the general public or society or will help to increase the awareness on various issues such as poverty, drinking water, hunger, racism etc.

7. It will help you in relationship building and socializing. People will contact you ask you the questions about your blog and there may be a chance that they will become friend of yours.

8. You will help other people by publishing some useful content. People are looking for contents on web and if they will find required content on your website it will be helpful for them.

9. It will bring discipline to your life as you have the responsibility of publish new content or writing an article everyday.

10. If your contents are useful and up to the standard people will love to visit your site and in this way it will increase your credibility as well as responsibility.

11. You dont need to wait or find a place to express your ideas you can quickly publish your ideas content or articles on your blog.

12. You can be a consultant or get a job if you prove yourself a subject specialist.

13. You can also offer yourself as a Article writer and offer your services to the peoples by placing your services or gigs on sites.

14. It will increase your observational skills the more your observe the more you write properly.

15. It will increase the worth of your resume.

16. When you start to think more and more you will get ideas and this will increase your creativity skills.

17. Bloggers can work from anywhere anytime means that there is no restriction so it will give a blogger full freedom.


19. You dont need any knowledge for starting a blog (No HTML or other languages knowledge). You can just setup your blog in few minutes but the only problem is to managing blog and updating blog continuously.

20. You can either start a free blog or get some domain and hosting package by paying a very minimal amount. You dont need higher amount for starting your blog.

So what are you thinking go get a blog and enjoy a lot of benefits.

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