How to Eradicate Silverfish from a Home or Building

Aptly named due to their shiny, sliver or pearl gray appearance, silverfish are small, wingless insects that can infest a home. These insects are usually 15mm to 25mm in length, and they can cause significant damage to a home or building. The favorite food of the silverfish is carbohydrates. They feed on foods such as sugar, flour, dry cereal, and rolled oats. In addition to food substances, silverfish also consume starches in clothes, glue or paste on paper, and household dust or debris. Silverfish can cause damage to clothes, books, wallpaper and curtains. Identifying these pests and eradicating them can be somewhat complicated due to their nocturnal nature.

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The Lifecycle of the Silverfish –

Female silverfish prefer to lay their eggs in places such as crevices or on cloth. They will often bury their eggs in food or dust as well. The temperature will effect how quickly these eggs will hatch. When temperatures are cooler, the eggs of the silverfish can remain dormant for as long as six weeks. When temperatures begin to rise, the eggs will begin to hatch. Generally, silverfish eggs hatch is 32 days or less. Throughout their nymph and adult lives, silverfish prefer warm, damp places. Their ideal temperatures range from 71 degrees up to 90 degrees. However, to survive in hotter environments, silverfish need the relative humidity to be 75 percent or greater. In favorable conditions, silverfish can live up to 3 years. Silver fish can be challenging to eradicate from an infested building or home despite the fact that females only lay eggs in very small batches.

Recommended Silverfish Treatment Methods –

Because silverfish are nocturnal, their presence may be difficult to determine. Retaining the services of a pest control specialist may be necessary. In the event silverfish are found, the most appropriate form of treatment designed to exterminate these pests is either spraying or dusting using chemicals. Chemicals can be applied through surface dusting to areas in which the silverfish will have a tendency dwell or run. For more confined areas, a spray may be more effective. Property owners should endeavour to remove all exposed food sources once the building or home has been treated by a professional pest control company. Routine cleaning as well as dehumidifying and ventilating damp areas can help prevent future silverfish infestations.

Dealing with Aggressive Blackbirds

The Carib Grackle is a member of the Oriole family and is commonly known as simply a “Blackbird”. It is also called the Lesser Antillean Grackle, while its Latin Name is Quiscalus lugubris. It is a glossy black bird with a long slender curved black bill. The iris of the eye is yellowish white and the tail is long and keel shaped (“V” shaped). Females are slightly larger and less glossy while juveniles are dull brown with dark brown eyes. The size of the adult is between 28-34 cm (11-13 in) and the weight is between 74-142 g (2.61-5.01 ounces). This grackle is found throughout the islands of the Lesser Antilles, Colombia, Venezuela, the Guianas and Brazil. It is closely related to, but smaller than, the Greater Antillean Grackle (Quiscalus niger) that is found on the islands of the Greater Antilles. It is similar in appearance to the male Shiny Cowbird with the difference being the shape of the bill and the colour of the iris.

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The Carib Grackle is common resident of all the countries in its range and is generally observed in groups. It is a noisy bold bird that spends a large amount of time strutting on the ground with its head held high. It is almost omnivorous eating fruits, insects, seeds, frogs, lizards, snails and discarded human food such as bread, beans, french fries and meat. The combination of its boldness and eating habits has resulted in this bird being very common around human habitation and is seen in household gardens, parks, open-air restaurants, shopping mall parking lots etc.

This frequency around humans sometimes results in problems for people. These birds nest in trees, thick shrubbery such as ixora and ledges of houses and their nesting period is from May to November with the heaviest nesting in June and July. The Carib Grackle is a very aggressive bird when nesting and will attack anything, including humans that it believes is too near the nest. Groups of Grackles will band together to attack and fearlessly swoop at the head. They will repeatedly attack until they drive the intruder away and with each successive swoop will get closer and closer to the head. In attacking they use their claws and beak. In some cases they have literally prevented individuals from using their gardens during the nesting period or forced homeowners to run anytime that they venture out of their house.

The solution to the problem is the removal of the nest. Whenever a homeowner sees large quantities of these Grackles gathering in the vicinity of their home during the nesting period, they should immediately begin looking for the location of the nest(s). It should be removed before the birds have an opportunity to lay their eggs. If the nest is removed the birds will move to another location to lay their eggs (hopefully away from the home), eliminating the problem for the homeowner. It may be necessary to remove the nest a second time as they may immediately return to the same spot to rebuild the nest. Be forewarned that any attempt at nest removal will cause these birds to attack even harder. The homeowner should therefore wear head protection such as a construction hard hat, safety goggles for the eyes and long sleeved shirts.

This article was provided by Brian Ramsey, who is an avid birdwatcher and amateur photographer and the author of the CD, Discovering the Birds of Trinidad and Tobago found at

Why should you buy surveillance system after making detailed surveillance price comparison?

The benefits of purchasing surveillance systems online include a surveillance price comparison of all the models of all brands on a single web page, pictorial description, reviews, easy payment through credit card and free shipping.

Modern living has become quite unsafe with more and more cases of burglary and break-in being registered. That is why people are opting for surveillance system to ensure the all round security of their home, offices and commercial spaces. However, before spending your hard earned money on some sloppy home surveillance product you should furbish yourself with adequate know-how about them. If you want to ensure maximum security for your home or office by buying branded surveillance products then you should make surveillance price comparison in order to find out which company provides you the best offer in least price.

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Now you don’t have to take rounds of brick and mortar electronics shops to obtain some state-of-the-art electronic surveillance system for your home.  There are wide array of e-shops available in the internet which sell surveillance systems of different brands, various models and diverse price range. Surveillance systems can be of various types. Starting from CCTV to Video cameras, from Door-eye cameras to network surveillance system there can be different types of surveillance product. You can check out the features and usefulness of each and every type of surveillance system from these wonderful websites which sell these and also allow you to make an elaborate surveillance price comparison of each model.

Some of the top electronics bands like Bosch, Panasonic, General Electronics (GE), Sony, Mace and Toshiba manufacture different types of surveillance systems. The e-shops selling these branded surveillance products would enable you to check out the different rates offered by these different brands for a particular type of surveillance system. Thus, these online surveillance system selling websites not only provide you elaborate pictorial description and reviews of each product you wish to buy but they also enable you to make detailed surveillance price comparison too. These comparative price charts make it quite easy for you to zero on the type of surveillance system which fits you needs as well as budget.

Most of these websites provide free shipping of the products you buy from them. That is why whichever part of USA you might reside you don’t have to worry about the distance to get your surveillance system of your choice delivered to your door step.  After you have made extensive surveillance price comparison and decide on the brand and make you want to purchase, you can simply order your product of choice from these e-shops. You can make online payment for your purchase with the help of your credit card and your chosen surveillance product would reach your doorsteps and that too absolutely free of cost.

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Parking Garage Construction and Parking Garage Restoration

Parking sensors are quite important to ensure that you and your car remain safe from any mishaps. Parking sensors are amazing devices which warn you whenever you are about to hit something with your care while parking. Buy parking sensors today and get them installed in your car today to avoid any accidents.

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Hospitals, Medical Centers, Universities, Colleges and Airports all have parking garage needs. New parking garage construction may be a requirement for an expanding hospital or medical facility, a growing university or college and a busy airport. The design build approach is ideal for hospital parking garages, university parking garages and airport parking garages. especially where the projects may be government-funded. The design/build approach puts the parking garage owner in a turnkey position, and eliminates the time consuming activities associated with evaluating and managing multiple proposals, vendors and costs. Under the design-build format, a hospital, college, university or airport hires one company to do both the design and construction of the parking garage project, using one contract. In this format, the design, budget and timeline are bid as a package, and the owner accepts the one combination that best meets the parking garage project’s overall goals. That makes the agent responsible for the entire process. Design-build projects are becoming increasingly popular in the private sector and government agencies realize that this same process is effective in the public sector.

Laws are now in place in several states to allow the design-build method of project delivery as an alternative. Prior to enacting laws in different states for design build, government officials discuss the design-build concept with the local design and construction industry professionals. The five benefits to hospitals parking garages, university parking garages and airport parking garages are: one point of contact for design and construction responsibility; you save time because design and construction phases overlap; there is early development of a guaranteed price; you have the ability to consider the qualifications of the project team and technical qualities of the proposal, in addition to cost; there is better risk management, since the design and construction are performed by the same parking garage construction company. Parking garage restoration for hospitals, colleges, universities and airports is also important to maintain on a regular basis to increase the life of the garage. The types of restoration that can be performed for concrete rehabilitation are carbon fiber, vertical and horizontal concrete repair, full-floor concrete repair, steel plating and bracing, post-tensioning repair, plaza rehabilitation, shotcrete installation, deck waterproofing systems including joint sealants, traffic deck coatings, concrete sealers and expansion joint sealing systems.

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Ways to Minimise the Time Required for a Kitchen Renovation

When you are considering doing a kitchen renovation, you need to be realistic about the timeline about the remodeling. If you think that you can get your kitchen designers to remodel or renovated in just a day or two, you are in for a big surprise.

Between the whole home, the one thing that is taking the longest when it comes to remodeling is the new kitchen. And, the second-longest thing to remodel is the bathroom. With these, you will know the realistic kitchen remodeling timeline that you can expect from getting your kitchen remodeled.

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Why does kitchen remodeling take time?

There are so many things in kitchens that need to be done when you are renovating them. And, before you can get the new stuff in the kitchen, you need to remove the old stuff first. For example, you are installing new cabinets in the kitchen. You need to remove the old cabinets first, paint the walls and then install the new cabinets.

There are many things in a kitchen that are also taking time to get done. Especially, if you are ordering custom made cabinets and basins. Or the tabletops are going to be imported.

What is influencing the timeline of a kitchen renovation?

This is where the trouble starts. There are many things that can influence the timeline of a kitchen renovation. Are you going to remodel the cabinets, the tabletops, and the tiles, or are you just going to redo the tiles and the taps?

The more things that you are going to remodel and going to replace, the longer it is going to take. The other thing that is going to influence the timeline is if the stuff for your kitchen is going to be custom made, or just going to be ordered from a manufacturer.

When you need to do a kitchen renovation in a short amount of time

The fact is that if you are going to do a kitchen renovation, this is going to take a lot of time. However, what can you do when you need to renovate a kitchen in a short amount of time?

Then, you should consider renovating the existing things in the kitchen, instead of replacing everything in the kitchen. There is nothing wrong with a new paint coat over the cabinets, a new layer on top of the tabletop and new taps. And, this is going to take a lot faster than removing and replacing everything in the kitchen.

My kitchen remodeling takes longer than what the contractor said, why?

A frustrating thing that many people are dealing with. The kitchen design takes longer than what the contractor said. Why is this the case?

There might be a couple of things that he didn’t take into consideration. There are many things that can go wrong with a kitchen renovation or remodeling project. These are some of the things that can go wrong when you are getting your kitchen remodeled.

Removing old cabinets might be harder than he thought

Waiting for stock that takes longer to arrive

Installing problems

Tile removing and replacing problems can delay a remodeling project

They received damaged goods that need to be replaced before they can continue.

One thing is for sure. Kitchen remodeling is taking a lot longer than with any other renovation in the home. And, there is a good reason for it. The timeline of remodeling your kitchen depends on what you want to get replaced in the kitchen. If you are on a tight scheduleArticle Submission, it is best to talk to the contractor and make sure that he knows that you need the kitchen remodeled faster than normal.

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How to scare away birds

Birds are a significant part of our natural environment. In world there are more than 10,000 species in this world. Birds are the lovable creatures of this world. Birds are free and they can fly where they want. The world is theirs. Birds can be nice, otherwise why would people keep them as pets or keep birdbaths in their gardens? However, birds can also be pest birds specially when they eat seeds and plants and poop all over the place. When birds cause damage to your home, they leave ugly stains, cause the structure to deteriorate, and may also lessen the value of your property.

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The USA Bird control has been dedicated to helping home owners find the best product for their pest bird control problems. For bird control on finances, there are an almost endless number of bird scare products currently on the market. The Ultrasonic Bird Repeller efficiently and effectively repels birds while being silent to humans. A good bird repellent tool which can help us get rid of birds like sparrows and pigeons is the ultrasonic Bird Control device. There are silent bird repellers like Broadband PRO, UltrasonX, Quad blaster & MEGA BLASTER PRO

The Quad blaster Repel birds up to 6,400 square feet using silent sound waves. Effective against pigeons, sparrows, swallows, starlings, bats, rodents and more. It is Ideal for use in any enclosed or semi-enclosed area, like hangars, warehouses, plants, tunnels, loading docks, railroad sidings, breezeways, boat houses, underpasses, storage sheds, barns, sports arenas, convention centers, parking garages, car washes and more. It is important to understand that it is not advisable to use any bird control product that has poisonous chemicals and violent procedures.

When attempting to get rid of birds on a home there are three basic kinds of deterrents. These include physical, visual, and sound deterrents.

The physical deterrents include by completely blocking off they’re nesting or perching areas. The most common types of physical bird deterrents are bird spikes and bird netting.

Visual bird control devices include scarecrows, reflecting tape, predator decoys, kites, balloons and lights. Whereas the sound deterrents like ultrasonic bird deterrents use audible and silent bird repellers.

The silentbirdrepellers Blast birds out with ultrasonic sounds that humans can’t hear. Birds can’t stand these blasts – overlapping fans of ultrasonic sound in all directions – but people can’t hear It is effective for pigeons, sparrows, swallows, starlings, bats, rodents and more. The silent bird repellers needs to be mounted at the same level where the birds sit; creates a two-dimensional harassment zone. In silent bird repellers it does not bother animals 5 feet below or above the unit. And needs to be mounted at the same level where the birds sit; creates a two-dimensional harassment zone. It is Programmable repeller can be adjusted for frequency, warble rate and speaker sequencing so birds don’t acclimate.

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New Beta Version of MSN Search Service from Microsoft released

New Beta Version of MSN Search Service from Microsoft released

Thursday, November 11, 2004

REDMOND, Washington — Microsoft has released the new MSN Search service. According to Microsoft press release, the new MSN Search offers the largest, up to date selection of information and a new class of search tools, reducing time and effort required by users to find information.

Some major characteristics of the new MSN Search service include: up to date information, direct answers, direct actions, content specific searching, Search Near Me feature (results tailored geographically), Search Builder (the user can customize search results by defining search criteria).

The global beta version of MSN Search is available here.

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Computer Security

In computer world, security is an important aspect to consider when dealing with any computer related task. Here is the basic priciples one must know to understand network secrity.

Generally speaking, Security can be divided into two broad categories: System security and network security. System security means to protect the data residing on your computers from any external threats such as viruses, worms, and any hackers. This protection can be done by any anti-virus software or firewalls. This will be of course very important to enterprise servers which store important data for the company.

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 On the other hand, network security refers to protecting the data while it is traveling across the line from one computer to another. In this case hackers can easily intercept this data and read it which may contain sensitive information. Hackers can also modify this data before reached to the destination. Of course, many possibilities can occur by the hackers while the data is traveling.

There are three important terms must be known for a good understanding of network security:

 1. Confidentiality:  This term refers to the privacy of the data being sent. Thus some means must be applied when sending this data. The most common approach is encryption. By this approach, the data is encrypted first before it is sent. Thus, if a hacker intercepts this data he cannot read it.

Encryption is one part of network security and it refers to hiding the sensitive data while traveling on the network. this is done because there are some programs allowed to read this data which may be sensitive to disclose as with credit card numbers and passwords.

There are two major types of algorithms for implementing encryption: symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption. in symmetric encryption, the data are scrambled using one key on the transmitter and then is processed at the receiver using the same key. thus the two keys are the same for the data to be readable.

on the other hand, asymmetric encryption, the another type, uses two different keys at the transmitter and the receiver to encrypt the data, one is called public key and the other is called private key. the public key must be known to everyone who wants to communicate with the person owning that key but the private key must not be known for the encryption to be successful.

 2. Authentication: Consider some one attempt to access restricted resources such as email account. Not anyone can access your account of course. Only the person having that account can access it. When someone accesses such a resource, he must provide his credentials (username and password) to the server before getting the resource on his computer. This procedure is called authentication. Thus the server must first identify the person before getting him what he need.

 3. Integrity: this term refers to sending the data without any modification. Consider while you are sending your data and someone takes this data before arriving and modify it and then resends it. The solution to attempts this attack is to append some bits along with data which is function of the actual data being sent and may be encrypted also. The receiver then must verify these bits before considering it correct.

Each of the above techniques is implemented using variety of algorithms. For example an algorithm is called DES is used to encrypt the data before sending it. Fortunately, you don’t have to understand each algorithm to understand network security, just take an idea about it along with what it does.

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The Essential Kitchen Renovations Guide

Many are considering kitchen renovations. Most of the time, this is because we want to create a more modern space, or we want to make sure that when we sell our homes again, our home has a higher value.

Whatever the reason, when you are considering to renovate your old kitchen, this ultimate kitchen renovating guide will make it easier to remodel your kitchen, without any regrets. These are some of the most important things that you should consider when you are remodeling your kitchen.

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Do some research first

The first thing that you need to do, is research. The more research you are doing, the better the results will be. You want to make sure that the remodeling that you are going to do, is going to be possible in your kitchen.

You also want to get some ideas about how the latest kitchen designs look so that you can design your kitchen according to the latest designs, but according to your budget as well. You can also research some of the best kitchen designers that can do the remodeling for you.

Make space in your budget for hidden costs

You need to plan your budget carefully. Making sure that you have enough money for the whole remodeling project. You don’t want to be half-way just to find that you have run out of money.

However, you need to make sure that you have enough money for hidden costs as well. When something goes wrong with the project and where it is going to cost you some extra money. Money that you didn’t budget for. This does happen, and you need to make sure that your project doesn’t stop because of money issues.

Consider quality first when doing a renovation

Yes, we are sometimes looking for cheaper things, when we are renovating our homes. This is just easier to do things cheaper. Then, we have some more money to complete the whole project. However, this might mean that you are purchasing poor quality.

It is better to consider quality over cheaper. When you are taking quality seriously, you will have a new kitchen that will last for a long time, before something will need to be repaired. With the cheaper options, you will always need to repair something.

Kitchen space planning

To be successful with your kitchen renovation, you need to make sure that you are considering kitchen space planning. Making sure that you have enough space for the things you want to do in the kitchen.

There are somethings that you should consider with space planning. Making sure that the cabinets are going to fit into the kitchen, leaving enough space for the oven and move space around the kitchen. And, to consider the fridge as well. This is why you need to plan your remodeling idea before you just start remodeling without considering the space you have available.

Final thoughts before revovating

We always have some great ideas, when it comes to kitchen remodeling. We are seeing so many kitchens online that we would dream to have. But, we need to be realistic as well. Making sure that we have the right budget, space, and area for such a dream kitchen.

You should also consider if the remodeling project is something that you can do by yourself on a weekend, or this is something that you should rather let a professional handle.

This is the ultimate kitchen remodeling guide. A guide that will make sure that you are thinking about all the small details about remodeling your kitchen. We are spending a lot of time in the kitchen, and having a modern kitchen is great. But you need to make sure that the remodeling that you plan, will fit into your budget and in the size of your kitchen. Always consult with an experience and reputable kitchen builder when considering to renovate and update your existing kitchen.

Proton rocket fails during launch of JCSAT-11 satellite

Proton rocket fails during launch of JCSAT-11 satellite

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Proton rocket which was intended to launch the JCSAT-11 satellite into a geostationary transfer orbit lifted off and successfully completed its first stage burn, but the second stage failed leading to loss of the rocket and satellite.

The launch vehicle was a Proton M booster with a Breeze M upper stage. More than 300 Proton rockets have been launched, all from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Following the launch failure, Kazakhstan suspended the launch of Proton rockets from Baikonur, Interfax news agency reported.

JSAT Corporation immediately placed an order with Lockheed Martin, the satellite manufacturer, for an identical replacement satellite based on the A2100AX design.

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