Why Partners Argue

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People usually start their marriage with a lot of commitments and hopes of having a life full of happiness and harmony although everyone knows that there is no ideal life, and conflicts are inevitable. Besides, each couple start their life with the idea their love is a different case and their marriage will be a honeymoon forever despite the fact that experts consider conflicts as spice for healthy marriage. However, couples start to have disagreement at different points of their life. For example, some partners start arguing as early as the first month of their marriage after they are introduced to each other s habits and way of living. Others, start fighting after they have children because of the major change that have happened to their life and the confusion about how to handle it. There are many things that may cause fight between partners, but we could recognize three major issues: children, money, and sex. See Vancouver escorts.

To begin with, one of the largest issues that cause argument between partners is children. When first baby is born, the life of a couple turns upside down because they don t have the experience that helps them handle the new situation and duty. Besides, partners might argue about who should quit job and stay with the baby, whose turn to take some days off and stay home with the sick children or take them to the dentist or check-ups, what courses children should enrol in, and what values they must be raised on. Moreover, when children grow up they might make serious problems for their parents, especially when they are involved in serious situations and parents start to blame and accuse each other of the fiasco.


In addition to children, money is a major issue about which partners disagree. Usually they argue about the way they should spend money, for men and women have different priorities and philosophies when it comes to investing money. For example, women tend to spend their money on home improvement, clothes, or cosmetics, while men might prefer to use money for entertainment, travel, or investments. Besides, the lack of money is another cause for arguments because it affects all life activities and makes partners, especially men, feel guilty or be blamed by spouses.

Last but not least, partners might fight about sex, which is a main pillar of marriage and it has led to many divorces because it is as important as marriage itself. Problems occur when spouses put sex in distinct places in their priority lists, in the top and the bottom, or when one of them insists on some sexual poses the other one doesn t like. Also, problems might happen when sex becomes unsatisfactory at least for one partner, which might lead to, separation, divorce, or cheating unless the spouses choose to make a big sacrifice to save their marriage. Check Toronto escorts.

To make the long story short, couples, who usually start their life with a honeymoon, sooner or later they will face issues that start arguments between them. Although they might find tens of them, there are major issues that cause conflicts, such as, kids, money, and sex.

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