Why Choose Airsoft Weapons?

November 22, 2018 By

byAlma Abell

Here at Airsoft GI, we specialize in providing professionals and enthusiasts with the airsoft weapons that suit their taste, needs and budget. With a focus on innovation, quality and customer service, we connect you with the safe and excellent weapons that improve skill and offer hours of recreational enjoyment.


Airsoft weapons are essentially replicas of actual firearms that don’t fire lethal ammunition. Plastic BBs or environmentally safe pellets replace traditional bullets, and are not strong enough to cause serious injury or death. However, airsoft ammunition can damage the eyes, teeth and skin, and so protection is advisable during play or training. Airsoft GI is pleased to carry everything you could possibly need to enjoy your airsoft weapons to the utmost.

Typically, airsoft guns use compressed gas, a spring, an electrical piston or some combination of these to propel ammunition. Airsoft GI tends to prefer green gas, CO2 gas or a spring. Whichever you chose, the result will be a safe yet authentic looking weapon that’s perfect for improving your skill or just having a good time.

For many individuals and families, gun use is a way of life for security and hunting. We like to promote that culture in a safe way with weapons that afford non-dangerous and effective gun use. Whether you’re a new shooter in adulthood, or preparing a child for a first hunting trip, airsoft weapons will give the look, feel and functionality you’re after, without putting anyone at risk of a real injury. We are thrilled to be a part of this culture, and perpetuate it in the best way we can.

Here at Airsoft GI, we like to keep our customers happy with free shipping on orders over $100, incredible inventory accuracy and advanced shipping techniques. When you place an order, it’s probable that we’ll have it in stock, be able to get it headed to you quickly and make certain it gets to the right address. Not only is this convenient, but simply what we see as appropriate, professional behavior, especially considering the nature of the product.

Airsoft GI carries a great selection of airsoft weapons, tactical gear, magazines, upgrades, BBs, chargers, batteries, silencers, optics, maintenance and more. No matter where you are in your airsoft career, we have the products and support that help you make the most of it. Never hesitate to get in touch with our staff vie Internet, phone or chat, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Call today to learn more about Airsoft GI airsoft weapons!