Weight Loss Surgeries Cure Type2 Diabetes

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Weight loss surgeries cure Type2 Diabetes



In short, yes- recent studies have shown the efficacy of weight loss surgeries, such as gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy in Seattle, on Type 2 Diabetes. Although these studies are relatively preliminary- as more tests and studies will have to be conducted to not only determine the exact mechanisms with which weight loss surgeries can reverse Type 2 Diabetes but to also determine a more normative idea of the success rate of these procedures- they have shown great promise in helping patients finally get a handle on their blood sugar (glucose) levels without the need for medications.

Although the exact mechanisms that work to reduce the effects of Type 2 diabetes is still being researched, it is believed that the rearrangement of the digestive system through weight loss surgery affects the production of certain hormones in the body associated with digestion.


During a weight loss surgery, the method and routes with which food is digested are altered. During a gastric bypass surgery, a patient s upper region of the stomach is directly connected to a section of the small intestine, drastically reducing the size of the functional stomach while leaving the majority of the stomach intact. During a sleeve gastrectomy, the Seattle gastric sleeve surgeon will remove a portion of the stomach so that the patient will be permanently unable to eat as much food in one sitting as he or she did once before.

When a person without Type 2 Diabetes eats food, the stomach produces a hormone known as glucagon-like pepride-1 (GLP-1). This hormone signals the pancreas to begin insulin production. Insulin is a very necessary component in turning the sugars found in foods into energy- if you do not have enough insulin, sugars cannot be broken down into usable fuel, which in turn causes an increase in blood sugar levels- the inability to produce sufficient levels of insulin is Type 2 diabetes.

As the interaction of the digestive system with food is changed through weight loss surgeries, the production of digestive hormones becomes altered as well. As mentioned, the exact method with which this occurs is not yet known, but scientists believe that the restructuring of the digestive system spurs the production of GLP-1 on a more normative level.

Although weight loss surgeries show great promise in reducing the effects of, and even curing, Type 2 diabetes, it should be noted that some patients who had an advanced case of Type 2 diabetes prior to their weight loss surgeries have experienced a recurrence of their Type 2 diabetes at some point after their surgeries. However, the great majority of weight loss surgery patients with Type 2 diabetes have seen a drastic reduction of their diabetes symptoms, with a good number of patients seeing results as soon as their surgeries are completed. For more details, visit this website : http://www.centerforweightlosssurgery.com/

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