Va Streamline Loan Guidelines What Every Veteran Needs To Know To Refinance

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VA Streamline Loan Guidelines What Every Veteran Needs to Know to Refinance


Mary D Wise

Veterans looking to refinance a Military home loan using a VA Streamline loan should know the basic rules of a Military loan. Created in 1944, the purpose of VA home loans and Streamline loans is to aid former military personnel in the purchase and maintenance of a home through a guarantee by the Veterans Administration on that loan. As a result, veterans with a VA home loan enjoy a lower interest rate than that offered by many private banks.


However, lately, many veterans have been reporting that their applications for VA Streamline loans have been denied based on a poor credit history or a lost value on their homes. Now, while no one wants to have bad credit, it happens to the best of us. Also, everyone knows that the housing market is in the dumpster these days. As a Veteran, there are still options, despite what the banks are saying. The truth is many of the private lenders who are denying VA Streamline loans are actually interpreting the rules of VA lending incorrectly because they are unwilling to take the risk on the loan, which is wrong. Therefore, as a veteran looking to refinance with a VA Streamline loan, it is important to know the guidelines that the VA has set. VA Guideline #1: No Credit There are three main points that the VA stipulates to private lenders regarding the issue of VA loans. The first of which is that no credit score is required for the process. Therefore, if the bank insists on running your credit score as a stipulation for the loan and you know you have a bad score that will impact their decision, walk away and find a lender who will follow the rules and leave your credit score out of this. There are lenders who will refinance a VA loan even if your credit score is as low as 560. VA Guideline #2: No Appraisal This is a really important guideline in the current housing market because so many Americans are upside down on their mortgages. The housing market crashed, we are all painfully aware of that. However, veterans who want to refinance current VA home loans to ensure that they can keep them, do not need to worry about this to a point. Do not allow a lender to tell you otherwise. You can owe up to $50k above what your home is currently worth and there are lenders who will work with you. VA Guideline #3: Manufactured Homes Eligible I want to be very clear, if you currently have a VA mortgage loan on your home, regardless of it being a manufactured home or a frame-built home, it is eligible for a VA refinance. It is that simple. As a veteran there are certain perks, you have a veterans loan and you are entitled to a veterans refinance. It is part of your service package and the fact that you live in a manufactured home does not change this benefit. Some Stipulations It is important to note that the guidelines above only apply to veterans operating with a current VA loan on their home. If you have a traditional bank loan and are looking to refinance with the VA, the stipulations for your loan may be a bit more stringent. However, there are those out there who will work with you, so you need to shop around. Basically, as long you are willing to look and know your rights as a veteran, you can get the VA Streamline loan for your current VA home loan. However, there are many brick-and-mortar banks who will not work with you to accomplish this goal. It may be a good idea to look into online lenders and make sure that you find someone who is on your side and understands your rights as a veteran.

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VA Streamline Loan Guidelines What Every Veteran Needs to Know to Refinance