The Importance Of Detox In Pasadena Alcohol Treatment Programs

November 22, 2020 By Admin

byAlma Abell

All patients coming into an alcohol treatment program in any treatment center in Pasadena will need first to complete a detoxification program. This will be an important part of their recovery, allowing the body to remove the toxins and to begin to bring the systems of the body back to their natural states.

There is a significant risk to patients during the detox component of their alcohol treatment, particularly if they have a lengthy history of alcohol abuse. This is because the effects of long-term alcohol use impact virtually every system in the body.

Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome

A potentially deadly condition known as Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome can occur in individuals with chronic alcohol abuse histories. For this reason, most of these detox programs are operated under medical supervision.

A doctor will remain with the patient to ensure that the patient doesn’t develop this syndrome. For those with a signification addiction, it is not uncommon for these potential life-threatening changes in the body to occur within the first few days of detox.

An alcohol treatment program will use staff that is well-trained and experience in all of the signs and symptoms of the condition. Medications to control the seizures and spikes in blood pressure that can occur at this time are highly effective in reducing the symptoms and reducing the risk.


Even with medications to control the symptoms, most people with significant and chronic alcohol abuse will feel physical as well as mental changes during the detox. These can include:

  • Extreme sweating or feelings of being cold

  • Shaky hands and tremors throughout the body

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Headaches

  • Insomnia and agitation

These symptoms will often be seen over the first few hours, and some patients will also develop auditory and visual hallucinations. These will often subside within the first few days, and there are medications that can help to prevent these issues which can provoke anxiety in patients during those first few days of alcohol treatment.

The more serious and extreme delirium tremens or DTs include a ramping up of all the symptoms, and typically start within two to three days in detox. This is a critical time for medical supervision in the alcohol treatment in Pasadena as the patient can experience changes in heartbeat, high blood pressure, seizures and extreme disorientation and confusion.

The medication doctor at the alcohol treatment center will determine the best types of medications and treatments during the detox. Although medications can be effective, they are used with caution and only under medical supervision.

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