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Submitted by: Suresh Arora

In today’s world the most important thing that matter for an individual’s career is his higher education. In job interviews GDs and in any other job hunt, candidates are shortlisted only on the basis of the university’s prestige and reputation from which they have completed their graduation.

Now the main question arises is that how do we consider a university a better one or higher one than others?

A university is comprised of many colleges providing different courses and degrees to various aspiring students. So the base on which a university’s status and reputation depends is on the education that it offers. There are many other requisites which bring a university in the league of the elite ones.


Some of them are like- infrastructure, Management, filtered recruited faculty, criteria of selection of students, courses that they offer, maintaining a proper code of conduct, co-curricular activities and well qualified staff. These points play a vital role for universities betterment.

Now let’s discuss these points in detail.

Starting from the infrastructure which is like the wrapping on a gift the better the wrapping. The more we get impressed by merely looking at it.

It provides the systematic environment and suitable conditions for the students. It includes the building for the classes, seminar halls, state of the art laboratories, libraries and many other sorts of comforting facilities that are important for the development of students. These are some of the classified facilities which will create interest of students towards studies. Usually in a university students from various areas of our country gather at one place. Their parents send them on the responsibility and trust of the university management. So it’s there due to the responsibility of providing a homely atmosphere to them in that regard. The hostels and its room’s accommodation are very important. A very important aspect which directly affects the health of the students is the FOOD they consume. So a hygienic mess facility is equally important to any other request or may be more important. Because health comes at first and then after anything else. For the wholesome development of students proper amusements and refreshments should also be there like a sports wing which include a cricket ground football arena, badminton, volleyball, and indoor games like chess, carom, etc. Which means the most basic games which students opt to play in their leisure time.

The other most important aspect of a fine university is the standard and level of the faculty providing education to students. For this university should recruit faculty very wisely and judiciously. Recruitment should consist of proper group discussions and personal interviews. It is a very important thing that the faculties are quietly efficient because they will behold and guide the future of 100s of students. Unique performances is balanced and decided by only two aspects which are- the faculty and the students. A student can learn and mug up by reading the books also, but that education would be completely superficial, without the proper guidance of faculty. Books provide mere words but faculty provides a conceptual meaning to it.

Similarly the other half of unique prestige is in the hands of students. It is very important to set proper criteria for the admission of students. If a university is working hard to arrange and provide the best education then that education is deserved by those students only who work hard to achieve it.

And with this combined effort of unique faculty and student a formation of the best university is possible.

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