Roland R 05 WA V And Mp3 Handheld Recorder Review

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Roland R-05 WAV and MP3 Handheld Recorder Review


Ryan Guerrero

Let’s admit it, we have not heard much from the world of hand held digital recorders for a very long time now. So when Roland announced their new baby, the Roland R-05 WAV/MP3 Handheld Recorder, it certainly came as a breath of fresh air. Roland just recently launched a quite impressive line of digital recorders that are portable but very functional at the same time.

The Roland R-05 WAV/MP3 Handheld Recorder will surely capture the hearts of the tiny gadget geeks because it is very user-friendly and at the same time has a crystal clear audio quality as well as enhanced editing features. This portable sound recorder’s features come with an extended battery life, making the deal even sweeter than it already is.


Anyone can record straight onto SD cards with this Roland’s stable stereo recording that boasts of a resolution up to 24-bit/95kHz. This makes the Roland R-05 a perfect recording gizmo for almost everywhere – be it in school, in the boardroom, or at the streets. There is no need for an external recording device because the R-05 lets you record clearly using its built-in stereo microphone. But should you need an external mic for certain recording circumstance, the R-05 also has the needed port for an external mic. With its new Roland CS-10EM Binaural Microphone and Earphones, this device will let you enjoy stereo field recording like never before.

Aside from all its amazing physical features and capabilities intended to satisfy the needs of musicians after pro recording at their hands, the Roland R-05 can withstand and record up to 16 hours worth of content. Anticipation is not a problem since you can manipulate its playback speed without ruining or changing the pitch.

Using the Roland R-05 handheld digital recorder, you can loop particular audio regions at optimum recording level because its Rehearsal mode automatically does the needed recording adjustments and compensations for you. Its integrated reverb provides a high gloss finish to the recordings as well. But the thing that really caught my interest in the R-05 is its unique feature of letting you record WAV and MP3 based files simultaneously, on the same performance. Now, if you do not find that interesting, I don’t know what will.

File transfers from device to computer is not a problem, thanks to the USB 2.0 that is included when you get the R-05. And since you can transfer your recorded audio files effortlessly to your computer, you will be dividing, trimming, editing, and merging your audio files in no time.

Anyone looking for a portable wav or mp3 recorder will end their search with the Roland R-05 WAV/ MP3 Handheld Recorder. No other hand held recording device will let give you these many applications all in one pocket-sized device. So fill in that void in your pocket and check the Roland R-05 Recorder now!

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