How To Become A Certified Nursing Assistant

April 1, 2023 By Admin

A Nursing Assistant has to do several kinds of tasks and responsibilities throughout his/her profession career. Therefore, he or she must be capable of doing all these duties in a proficient manner which can prove him/her a true Certified Nursing Assistant. The typical responsibilities which a CNA performs are given below:

  • Giving medications to Patients
  • Daily Check ups
  • Supplying Foods
  • Helping in Intake
  • Assisting in Walking
  • Giving Injections
  • Receiving telephone calls and answering them accordingly
  • Maintaining Patient Records
  • Helping Patients in Exercises

Service For All PatientsOne important thing to keep in mind is that a CNA assists and rallies round patients belonging to distinct age groups. They may be children; middle aged persons and even old people. So he or she must have a kind and sympathetic nature to deal with every person whether he or she is young or old. High School DiplomaTo be specific, a willing candidate who wishes to become a Certified Nursing Assistant doesnt require any prior experience but he or she ought to have a high school diploma or certification. Though it is of essence if you have additional courses or qualification but actually, it is not prerequisite at all. However, there are certain subjects which can help in your aim, these include biology, chemistry etc. But again it is not compulsory to have prior knowledge in these specific subjects as well.Certified QualificationsYou can acquire required qualification from any reputable institute or college. There are some popular names which you may consider. But remember that which care facility, college or university you choose, must be certified that means all its offered certifications and diplomas must be State accredited. Because if not attributed, then these diplomas may create problems for you later so assure that the selected nursing school or college is certified from your State.Essential TrainingWhile studying your courses, you need to have training as well. For this course, State exams are arranged which you can take to check your skills and grades. In addition to this, health screening plus criminal record check are also mandatory. Furthermore, in majority of cases, certified nursing assistants ought to acquire minimum 48 hours of training every two years in order to maintain the obtained certifications.This training consists of two sessions where one is for theory (50 hours long) and other is for hands- on training (100 hours long). The structure of the course completely depends on the center where you are studying. In these training courses, a willing candidate is prepared for all kinds of tasks and responsibilities which a Certified Nursing Assistant has to do throughout his/her nursing career. So, in this piece of writing we analyzed some very critical factors which are required for a candidate who wants to become a Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA.