Getting Your Child Or Elderly Relative A Mobile Phone Can Spell The Difference Between Life Or Death

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Getting your child or elderly relative a mobile phone can spell the difference between life or death



Mobile phones are gadgets that we normally use for business and to most teenagers, for their flirting pleasures. But one idea that some Americans are having is getting their child or a elderly loved one mobile phones so they can get to call them or 911 in case of a dire emergency. In recent news we can hear of children in need of help who couldn t get one because of the lack of communication when they need it the most. Children in a community center are gradually being thought how to use a mobile phone with responsibility and to only dial 911 if it were a true emergency. Elderly people in retirement homes who are not mobile phone savvy are thought on how to call and dial their relatives in case they were alone when something happens unexpectedly.


The kind of phones that you will give your child or your elderly parent will of course depend on you and your budget, but it is not advisable to give them those high end phones that will most likely confuse them more than help them. Make sure the traditional feel and look of the phone is there, but with the technology that can be used for real life emergencies. I have a friend who gave his son a BlackBerry 8100 and it serves its function and it s not really that expensive. One thing you may want to do is to get insurance for BlackBerry because knowing children, there is a great possibility that it may get damaged even stolen or lost. When giving your grandmother or any elderly relative a BlackBerry or any phone for that matter, make sure that they completely understand only the basic feature of the device so they wont be confused.

BlackBerry insurance does cover your phone for damages, but clearly read your policy what type of damages they are obligated to pay you. If you let a child or an elderly person uses it, there might be some clauses you may want to consider before you sign up. If you think about it, BlackBerry smart phones are an excellent phone to give an elderly person because its durable, has the technology but has a user friendly feel to it, just make sure you have the proper BlackBerry insurance to protect it before handing it over your beloved grandma who has shaking hands as strong as a vibrating mobile phone put on max.

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