Business With Retirement 6 Reasons For Being Self Employed After Retirement

December 3, 2021 By Admin

Submitted by: Dave Kotecki

Have you ever compared the life of a retiree to the life of an employee?

All employees have the same thing in common, no matter what job they have spent their life doing, they have been doing it to make someone else rich. With the kind of economic recession, regardless of your level of education and the experience you have, it is possible for anyone to be retrenched. No matter how hard you work, or how much blood, sweat and tears you have given to the company, if retrenchments happen, you are as likely to go as the next person.

When the day of retirement comes, why not take all that determination, loyalty and hard work and start your own business? Most retirees don t want a lazy lifestyle. Doing the same everyday is boring. So if you re looking forward to being self-employed, your retirement years are nearly perfect. The reasons for business with retirement are:

1. Money

Many people are worried that they don’t have enough money to retire upon. Whether you’ve got enough to live on, or want to earn a little extra cash, being self-employed will allow you to increase your wealth. In addition, many retirees can use a portion of their nest egg to get themselves started in business.


2. Time

Unless you’ve created a huge “to do” list for your retirement years, you’ve got plenty of time. You can take time to scope out your business ideas, and take time to implement them properly. You can choose to work part-time or full-time, so that there is still time left over for traveling or relaxing. When you’re self-employed, you can take vacations whenever you want!

3. Experience

After all those years of working, you’ve picked up a thing or two about how business works. You know what good customer service looks and feels like. You can sense what people need and want, and you know how to talk to others about your ideas. Not only that, but you know what hard work is and you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty.

4. Energy

At 65 (or earlier, if you’re lucky!), you’ve got plenty of energy. Your mind is still as sharp as it was when you were 25 perhaps even more so! If the idea of sitting around all day is boring to you, put that energy to work for yourself.

5. Control

If you haven’t been lucky enough to be self-employed during your earlier years, you know what it’s like to have someone else make all the rules for you at work. Being self- employed means that you make all the rules, and you succeed or fail on your own terms and by applying your own decisions, knowledge and wisdom.

6. Passion

Did you have a job that didn’t excite you? Were you always passionate about something that you could only pursue on weekends? Now that you’re retired, you can pursue that passion every day of the week and get paid for it!

Join the hoards of people 50 and older who are swelling the ranks of new entrepreneurs, now 5.6 million and growing. They understand that the key to success is getting your money working for you, rather than you working for your money.

About the Author: Dave Kotecki is a dynamic and creative internet entrepreneur who takes his tenacity from his patience in learning to be what he wants to be and do it without fear in making mistakes. He shares his secret to achieving

financial freedom

while working in Afghanistan. He is an epitome of a man who aimed for success and had his share of it from pure courage and determination. His technique on how he attained it can be read at his website about how he approached

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