Al Intikhab Used Cars And Auto Spare Parts}

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Al Intikhab Used Cars And Auto Spare Parts


Al Intikhab Used Cars And Auto Spare Parts [ ]

When you look for the best selection of auto parts and cheapest prices in SHARJAH UAE , look no further than All Auto Salvage. We offer a comprehensive selection of scrap car parts for sale at our easy-to-browse salvage junk yard right here in SHARJAH UAE. Looking through the gallery of images of our salvage junk yard, you can see how organized and easy to shop we are, meaning less time for you in finding the salvage car parts youre looking for.

All Auto Salvage is a family owned and operated business established in 2005 and provides a level of expertise that enables us to be innovative and adaptable in meeting the needs of our customers. We are committed to quality and service, which has made us one of the top salvage junk yards in SHARJAH UAE and the greater MIDDLE EAST. We dismantle over 1000 late model cars and trucks annually, so we are more than likely to have what you are looking for! Browse the images below and call us today for help with finding that elusive car part you need.


For over 20 years Al Intikhab Auto Parts has been offering services in auto wrecking, dismantling and recycling of collision and inoperable automobiles.We are committed to providing quality recycled auto parts with exceptional customer service across UAE.We work closely with local automotive businesses and offer free business to business delivery to local shops at the best prices around.

Quality OEM Used Parts from popular Imports such as Specialising in Range Rover but also carry models like

Honda, Infinity, Toyota, Nissan, Lexus. We carry hoods, bumpers, lights, seats, doors, radios, glass, engines, transmissions, suspension, wheels and tires.

Ive certainly missed the I-6. As many know, inline sixes gradually became a vehicle-development liability as front-drive vehicle architectures began to dominate and, more directly, as global frontal-crash regulations tightened. Inline sixes typically were too long to be effectively packaged in transverse-engine platforms (although it was done)”and the straight sixs physical length similarly made it difficult to fit one even in a platform designed for longitudinal placement, because the unyielding engine didnt permit enough energy-absorbing crumple zone in frontal impacts.

Only BMW”which over the years became more famous for the straight six than even Mercedes”somehow kept the faith. When inline sixes started to bite the dust all over the globe, I repeatedly asked senior engineers, designers and executives how BMW could somehow get on the right side of crash physics when everyone else claimed it couldnt be done. The usual answer, Ill paraphrase, tended to: Perhaps its because we make the inline six-cylinder a priority.

It surely must have been difficult for those concerned with engine superiority to turn their backs on the I-6 layouts inherent balance and outstanding torque characteristics. Then there are the considerable design and manufacturing advantages compared with a V-6, as Ron Kociba, former General Motors chief engineer of the “zig-when-everyone-else-is-zagging” Vortec 4200 I-6 never tired of explaining. Its ironic those benefits are being revisited as cost advantages when compared with a V-6, given that one justification Mercedes and others cited for moving to vee-arranged 6-cylinder engines was modular compatibility with V-8s. My, how the world has changed: now the critical cost-sharing modularity metric is with inline 4-cylinder engines, not V-8s.

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