The Top Items That You Will Need For Your First Riding Lesson

August 6, 2022 By Admin

The Top Items That You Will Need For Your First Riding Lesson


Josie Amani

When starting out in horse riding the amount of equipment and horse riding clothing that is required can be daunting and also quite costly. Whilst it is possible to ride in everyday clothing perhaps as a one off event, this is not recommended and certainly not encouraged if you intend to continue horse riding or progress to own your own horse.


The biggest reason for why it is advisable to wear correct horse riding clothing (as you will soon find out) is from a comfort point of view. Horse riding clothing is designed to be flexible and to move with the rider rather than restrict them, keeping them cool and comfortable whilst in the saddle. Even the most comfortable pair of jeans will begin to pinch or rub after a period of time! Secondly, safety is paramount whilst you are working with or riding horses and again horse riding clothing is designed with this in mind. Footwear in particular is an important part of your horse riding clothing and if you are to invest in any equipment for your horse riding lessons it should be a quality pair of boots with a small heel and flat soles. Riding boots are designed this way to enable the foot to slide easily out of the stirrup in the event of an accident and prevent the foot from slipping through the stirrup and getting stuck. Certainly you should never ride in trainers or wellington boots which can be dangerous. A good riding establishment may hire a pair of boots to you for your first lesson but it would be advisable to invest in a quality pair of horse riding boots to add to your horse riding clothing wardrobe if you intend to keep up your riding lessons. If you visit any equestrian event you will no doubt get an insight into the multitude of different horse riding clothing that is available. As a beginner rider, you shouldn’t have to buy a complete new wardrobe of horse riding clothing, however, there are a few items that are worthwhile investing in. Top of your shopping list for your new horse riding clothing for women or men should be your pair of boots as previously mentioned. Secondly is a good pair of jodhpurs or breeches will increase your comfort in the saddle. Try to buy the best quality you can afford which will almost certainly ensure that they last you a long time and can stand up to the wear and tear that they will inevitably be subjected to. A good pair of riding gloves is another very worthwhile investment. It is advisable to always ride and handle horses wearing a pair of gloves as this gives you an increased grip for safety and will also protect your hands from rubs and blisters which are common, especially as a beginner rider. Finally, and especially if you are riding in the UK, a warm and waterproof jacket can be a lifesaver for riding outside in the elements. You might already own such a jacket but there are also many jackets designed especially for horse riding to keep you warm and comfortable and would certainly be a worthwhile addition to your wardrobe. If you are on a budget then it’s possible to buy cheap or second hand horse riding clothing but remember the golden rule that you always get what you pay for. Whilst you might get a cheap deal on a pair of breeches you’ll probably find that they will also wear out a great deal faster than a better quality pair. As with all equestrian equipment and horse riding clothing for men or women, you should buy the best quality items that you can afford. Shopping around online can be a good way to do this and there are many online tack shops that sell quality items at a good price. Happy shopping!

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