Dentists In Ellicott City, Md Provide Both Preventative And Emergency Care

March 4, 2019 By

byAlma Abell

It’s important for every family to find one of the Dentists in Ellicott City MD to care for their dental health. Preventative dentistry depends upon regular check-ups every six months. A dental hygienist will thoroughly clean the teeth and gums. Then she will search for any dental problems. After she has finished, the dentist will review her work and recommend any necessary treatments. Dentists also examine the mouth for any signs of oral cancer. Like most cancers, when this is treated early the odds for survival increase. David Lee D.D.S will also make suggestions for patients based on their age. Children will get Fluoride treatments and sealants put on their teeth as they emerge.


Preventative dentistry can’t alleviate all dental emergencies. Illness and antibiotic use can cause gum infections. Accidents can result in chipped and missing teeth. Dentists and their staff make every effort to treat a dental emergency as soon as possible. They understand that infections that start in the mouth can travel quickly to other parts of the body. Some dental practices ask patients to call for an appointment, others let them walk in and request emergency help. Dental office managers are all adept at working with their appointment books to get patients the emergency help they need quickly.

Patients have to decide for themselves if it’s best to have their Dentists in Ellicott City, MD located near their home or office. It’s certainly convenient to have a dentist near work. A routine cleaning can usually be done on a person’s lunch hour. However that location may be far less convenient when a child gets a tooth knocked out playing Saturday morning basketball. A child in pain won’t be comfortable during a long car ride.

Dental emergencies can play havoc with family finances. Dentists are medical professionals that want their patients to get the treatment they need. Therefore most accept all forms of insurance and most credit cards. They often provide contact information for special low interest credit cards that can only be used for medical or dental treatments. Some dentists realize that their patients don’t have the credit to apply for these types of cards. In that case they work out individual payment plans. The patient should never hesitate to ask a dentist what financing options are available.