Alison Brie Schermerhorn

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Alison Brie Schermerhorn


AlisonbrieAlison Brie

came into this world on December 29 1983 in Pasedena California. Her complete name at the time of her birth was Alison Brie Schermerhorn. Alison is best renowned for portraying goody two shoes Annie on NBC s new television show, Community she also portrays Trudy Campbell on Mad Men.She begun her early performing arts work on stage on the Jewish Community Center in Los Angeles. Her initial part ever was as Toto in the Wizard of Oz. She is a straight down to earth actress that currently lives in her own hometown leasing, her childhood house from her mum which she says is great because am always late with my lease checks .

In addition to her regular role on \”Community,\” Brie often appears on the Emmy Award winning AMC drama television series \”Mad Men\” as \”Trudy Campbell,\” which recently made a comeback for a 4th season.Trudy Campbell the a social ascending wife of Pete on Mad Men, Trudy is obedient to her spouse, even when Pete asks her to visit an old beau to get a short story published. They reside on Park Avenue.


Trudy is a sixties housewife, given birth to into money, whom desires to make a house and a family with very few questions asked. Brie confesses that she sees it tricky going from the high drama of mad men & the more relaxed comedic environment in Community, \”It is extremely different. I think because of the nature of the shows, 1 is a hard-hitting drama and the other is a comedy… And also, so yeah, that, and they\’re so different… On \’Mad Men,\’ to me, in my experience, it\’s really very focused. All of us all have such a great regard for the work and the writing & everything, and for each other & everybody that is doing work on the show that there is this type of quiet intensity on the set. And everybody is so nice and also good hearted, but it is just that the content is so heavy.

Alison Brie makes her official big screen debut in the cult Scream 4 film. She joins Scream veterans Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Neve Campbell and an collection of a number of more youthful Hollywood actors. Brie plays Rebecca, Campbell\’s ambitious personal assistant who secretly envies her manager\’s reluctant fame & fortune. Brie was exceptionally psyched to be involved in the Scream motion pictures exclaiming, I love the Scream movies! I could almost certainly repeat all the lines. Whilst I was in high school, me & my pals made a version of our own-an homage if you will-called Yell. I think I was the sole survivor. I was the Neve Campbell of Yell.

Of her character Alison Brie says, I think that Annie still has a lot of developing to do. I get pleasure from observing Annie kind of move through different levels and meeting various guys and having different fads, but she\’s such a malleable character that I would simply like to see fresh things introduced that she can try, mainly because everything Annie attempts she genuinely goes for it. Brie also confesses to living to some extent vicariously through Annie saying, \”It is exciting to look at Annie bloom out of her shell. She is turning out to be more of a lady, romantically. And in some other ways getting older. And that\’s exciting to perform, to go back to that period & viewing almost everything for the first time and think of your first crush, and your first make out. It makes it a fun character for me to perform since she\’s so naive & consistently learning so much about life.

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